5 dead in Philadelphia weekend violence

April 27, 2008 9:47:51 PM PDT
A 15-year-old is dead, an 18-year-old with a bullet wound in his chest - the latest victims of a lawless weekend in the city of brotherly love. The 2 were shot at the intersection of Cambria and Amber Streets in Port Richmond late Sunday evening. Police swarmed over the scene, interviewing witnesses.

Officers had a very busy Sunday, with 7 violent crimes leaving 5 dead within 24 hours and 7 wounded.

Gunmen also took their toll in West Oak Lane, Olney, West Kensington and South Philadelphia. In Logan a man was beaten to death.

A few hours before the shooting of two teens in Port Richmond a victim was fatally shot at a University City apartment building, and there was little calm during the overnight hours.

Tyrone Miller was heading home from a graduation party in West Oak Lane when his family says he was robbed at gunpoint and shot multiple times. He died on scene.

A few hours later on the 5000 block of North Broad, police say Nicole Wilson beat an elderly man to death outside a Sunoco Gas Station. A police officer pulled up while it was happening and arrested the 26-year-old woman.

Despite the uptick in violence Mayor Michael Nutter believes the city is making progress in its fight on crime. He says homicides are down almost 25-percent compared to last year.

The Mayor told Action News, "You have to look at these things over a extended period of time, not just episodically... weekend to weekend."

But for a city trying to shed its label "Killadelphia", this certainly wasn't a promising weekend.

The mayor says while an increase police presence and a surge in police stops have been effective, he and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey will unveil new strategies for the summer when violence often spikes.

"There's no slacking off, no taking a break, ever in reducing crime here in Philadelphia and that's our main mission everyday," says Nutter.

The Mayor says he'll announce those strategies in the coming days.