Burglars target cars in Fairmount Park

May 16, 2008 9:04:22 PM PDT
Philadelphia Police say nearly a hundred cars have been broken into over the past couple of months. The suspects focused on Fairmount Park and in particular...drivers using parking lots like the one along Kelly Drive.

"Most of them were out for a jog, a bike, hiking, or just to enjoy the scenery," says Sgt. Joe Cella.

Police say Alexander Fulton and at least one other suspect canvassed Fairmount Park parking lots like one at Belmont Plateau. They waited, and when given just a few seconds, they made their move.

Vicky Travaline became a victim. "I locked the car, went for a walk, not far from the car."

Police say Fulton and an accomplice broke into Travaline's minivan earlier this month. "They took my pocketbook," she said. "They were very neat about it. They didn't ransack my car."

But Travaline's quick action led to Fulton being arrested. She immediately called the credit card companies.

Police say Fulton tried to charge a thousand dollars worth of goods at this Target on Monument and City Avenue.

The card was denied and police were contacted. Fulton has been charged in three of the car break-ins, but he's suspected in close to 100 cases.

"He could be involved in all of them," Sgt. Cella says. "He lives in close proximity to the park. Certainly there could be others out there, but he certainly could be the solution to these other crimes."

A search of Fulton's home turned up two 9mm handguns.

Police are still searching for his accomplice, and warning the public to secure valuables in trunks and other areas less visible. Travaline has certainly learned a lesson.

"Yes I did...I will never leave anything in plain view."