Storm leaves destruction in Georgetown, Delaware

June 5, 2008 3:27:45 PM PDT
Georgetown, Delaware was pounded by Wednesday's storm. The buzz of saws was the only sound to be heard on Sand Hill road in Georgetown where trees were snapped in half, one, two, three in a row. And, take a look at this house, it was clobbered by another giant tree. Thankfully, no one was a home when it fell right through the middle of the house, but when Clint Lutz returned from making a pizza run.

He said, "I was just shocked at what I saw, I couldn't believe, couldn't believe what I saw. It seemed like something from a movie, with all these trees down."

At the Furniture and More store in Lewes, no more is what Deborah Thompson found herself saying at the height of the storm. Thompson told Action News "It came through like a freight train, right over top of us, right over that room, debris flying everywhere. It was like a freight train took that wall right to the ground, the whole wall." At the kitchen and company store, employees got an eerie sign that trouble was coming.

"Our doors kept opening from the wind. Peggy Steele told us. "Our electric doors kept opening and closing by themselves."

Fortunately, this store sustained no damage, but at the furniture store workers were busy cleaning up and making repairs. Despite what happened here, this pales in comparison to the storm damage that occurred just miles away on Sandtown road where everyone is taking comfort in knowing no one was injured or killed.

An investigator from the national weather service will determine whether a tornado touched down here or not, but clearly Sussex County, Delaware got the brunt of this storm.