Bullet hits school bus in Del.

June 5, 2008 4:41:19 PM PDT
A school bus driver has been injured after a bullet shattered the bus' window.Today at approximately 4:00 pm, Wilmington Police responded to the area of Chestnut and S. Harrison to a shooting that occurred on a school bus.

There were approximately 4 shots fired in the area of the school bus at the intersection. One of the projectiles came through the driver's side window and exited out the passenger side of the bus.

No one was struck by a bullet.

The driver sustained a minor injury to her lip and refused medical treatment.

The injury possibly came from shattered glass.

Only one student from the LACC (Latin American Community Center) was on the bus along with one counselor and two relatives of the bus driver.

None of them were injured.

Detectives and evidence technicians are on the scene.

It is not clear if the shots were intended for the bus or not.

The investigation continues.

Anyone with information can call Wilmington Police Detectives at 302-576-3620 or 911.