Police: Kids living in filth

June 17, 2008 4:22:50 PM PDT
In Claymont, Delaware police have arrested Tamara and Brian Downes for allegedly forcing their children to live in a house unfit for human habitation. Police were called to a house in the 500 block of Pennsylvania Avenue Monday night to check a complaint of a neighbor peeping in on an 11-year-old girl in the shower.

When the mother let police inside they got a revolting eyeful? a house not fit for habitation. They found girls, ages 6 and 11, lying on a couch surrounded by filth, including dog feces. The kitchen was filled with insects, and a bathroom was just as filthy.

Tamara and Brian Downes were arrested. The children were removed and placed with a grandmother.

Free on bail, Tamara Downes denied the allegations of endangering their 3 children, including a 14-year-old son. They claim conditions inside the home have been grossly exaggerated.

Police stand by their allegations, as a county inspector has condemned the house.

The Downes were freed on $1500 bail.