Man plans third flight in flying lawn chair

July 3, 2008 5:51:21 AM PDT
Kent Couch hopes to be getting high this holiday weekend.

Very high.

Couch plans his third flight in his flying lawn chair.

He says early Saturday morning he'll attach 150 big party balloons to his chair.

He hopes to make it at least 300 miles from Washington state, over part of Oregon and into Idaho.

He admits some people think he's "balloon-atic."

But Coach says this time he has support from friends, corporate sponsors and even his wife, Susan.

Couch's first flying lawn chair attempt in 2006 ended in a parachute jump when he couldn't control his descent.

Last year's flight went less than 200 miles before he ran low on helium.

This time he's not taking any chances.

Couch say's taking extra duct tape for any emergency repairs.