Mrs. Fixit: Recycle for Home Office

July 10, 2008 9:02:54 AM PDT
So you need to organize your home office, but you're short on cash? What do you do? Check your recycling bin, I'll bet you have the makings of a great home office right there!

For magazine storage, grab some old cereal boxes. Cut the top third of the box off and then cut down towards the front at a forty-five degree angle.

Once the box is cut you can cover it in a funky contact paper, wallpaper scraps or you could paint it to match your décor.

You can find file storage in smaller shipping boxes, turn in or cut off the flaps and fix it up to match the magazine storage.

For pens, pencils, scissors and crayons grab some cans. Fat ones, skinny ones, you name it you can customize your choices to your needs. Then, cover or paint them and you have some great organization for your desktop.

For little items like paper clips, staples, and binder clips try baby food or deli containers. They're great to see through, and easy to stack.

Need a tackkboard? Tape a couple of pieces of thick cardboard together and cover it with fabric and tack away!

Easy organization from the recycling bin! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.