Teen swimmer drowns in Salem Co. pond

July 19, 2008 8:44:08 PM PDT
Many people in our area rely on local bodies of water to find refuge from the heat. That appears to be the case in South Jersey, where the results were tragic. Saturday night saw a beautiful sunset over a placid Salem County lake - part of the Carney's Point Dod Ponds complex. Authorities were called there to search for a possible drowning victim.

Chief Mike Hanna of Carney's Point Police tells Action News, "Approximately a little after 4 o'clock this afternoon we got a dispatch of a possible drowning. An individual was in the lake swimming, they lost sight of him, and they dispatched for marine units from the local municipalities."

The ponds are a popular destination. The missing person was a teenager who had apparently gone with friends to cool off in the water on a sweltering day.

"It is a 17-year-old male, and that's what we're looking for. It is under police investigation," said Chief Hanna.

Shortly after the interview the teen's body was removed by the coroner's office.

Saturday's recovery was a grim replay of events in Camden County Friday night, where a 14-year-old girl in Sicklerville, New Jersey drown in a quarry not far from her home. Again, the teenager reportedly was drawn to the water to beat the heat.