Pot bust in Port Richmond

July 31, 2008 8:31:41 PM PDT
It's no small operation. Pennsylvania State Police seized 193 marijuana plants and 8 pounds of processed pot. "We realized as soon as we entered the location," said one undercover cop, "that this is a major grow operation that produces a lot of marijuana."

Officers did not just find plants but heat lamps and an elaborate irrigation system they say helped this dealer produce around 150 pounds of pot. Cpl. James Heines says the drugs aren't all police found.

"We also found some currency, some rifles, shot gun and two semi automatic pistols."

The investigation started a few weeks ago with an arrest in Montgomery County. Conducting the raid wasn't easy. The suspect fortified his home by installing close to a dozen cameras near the entrances of his home and on the rooftop.

Kim Flaherty is a neighbor. "He said cars were getting robbed."

Neighbors say they rarely saw the guy but never suspected he was a drug dealer.

Matt Baldwin said, "I thought he was an electrician."

Police say the suspect could have been making $2200 to $4000 per pound of marijuana. The suspect not been charged yet but police say charges are coming. The investigation is ongoing and they aren't ruling out more arrests.

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