Former employee kills two at Bristol warehouse

August 2, 2008 4:07:06 PM PDT
The suspect is a former fork lift operator at the Simon & Schuster book warehouse. Co-workers say he was a bully and had a problem with minorities.

Today, when he didn't have money to pay his rent, their worst nightmare came to be. Authorities say around 3:30, after driving around for an hour, he showed up with a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson, shooting a shop steward and a summer relief worker he didn't even know.

Co-worker Debra Vorter recalled the gunman. "He was a nutcase, but it was something you kept in the back of your mind that one day, he probably would do something like this."

Shaken co-workers thought they'd long gotten rid of their alleged nemesis, 32 year old Rob Diamond of Bristol. A spokesman for the Simon & Schuster book warehouse says he failed to show up for work back in April and was fired. Workers say it was all because he wanted to go to a Flyers' playoff game.

"We ain't seen him in 4 months. We was happy, the warehouse was peaceful cause he picked on everybody in the warehouse. He was just a problem person" But nobody actually knew that the man who workers said made it clear he had a problem with blacks & Puerto Ricans was apparently a ticking time bomb. Authorities say he had been reprimanded back in March.

Bucks County District Attorney Michelle Henry described the incident.

"Management called him in and reprimanded him for calling an African-american he worked with 'boy', and he felt he'd been unjustly reprimanded."

Employees recounted Fridays deadly confrontation. "When they started hollering he was out there with a gun, a lot of people really didn't believe it."

"When everybody started screaming, 'He's out there with a gun!', I was trying to look thru the door and everybody says, 'Run, just go hide somewhere' "

46 year old Angel Guadalupe of Levittown, a temporary worker helping as summer relief was gunned down inside his SUV, and then shot again and again, Diamond reportedly told police, until he stopped moving. Then, 52 year old shop steward Reggie Woodson was gunned down by the loading dock.

"The temp, he was the first one to go out there, that's why he killed him first and you could tell Reggie was trying to get back in the damn building and he shot him in the back."

Family and friends say Reggie Woodson also worked part time at an area Walmart and was a long time deacon at St. Paul's Church in nearby Florence, N.J.

Lorie Reid is Woodson's cousin. "He was a magnificent person, and he just wanted to do. He was a saved man and he just loved people and he just would want to calm things down and try to get things in order, that's the only thing I can see him doing."

"I just knew him as being a nice guy. Family man, always talked about going to church on Sunday."

Ironically, the suspect, Rob Diamond, is wearing a T-shirt that proclaims: STUPIDITY IS NOT A CRIME. Diamond was arraigned on two counts of first degree murder.