Former GOP Senate candidate supporting Obama

August 2, 2008 12:19:24 PM PDT
Former Senate candidate Jan Ting says he's been removed from his position in the Delaware Republican Party for supporting Barack Obama for president. Ting attended an Obama rally in Wilmington in February, and he's donated about $250 to the Democratic candidate.

He says he was called to a meeting in April with State GOP regional chairman Bill Sahm and a district chairman. There, he was told that unless he swore allegiance to John McCain, he would have to resign from the Republican Committee. Ting refused to back McCain and quit the committee, which he'd been a member of for 25 years.

Sahm confirms that he asked Ting to resign.

Ting says he's still a registered Republican, but he was "ticked off" by the demand for his resignation.

Retired University of Delaware political science professor James Soles says he was surprised by the party's reaction, noting that Ting "has carried water for the party on a number of occasions."


Information from: The (Wilmington, Del.) News Journal,