UFO sightings over Bucks County

LANGHORNE, Pa. - November 18, 2008- It comes in response to numerous reports of strange lights, high in the sky.

What were those things people saw hovering over the Sesame Place Amusement Park in Langhorne? You can see photos submitted by Action News and 6abc.com viewers by Clicking Here.

How about those boomerang shaped aircraft in the skies above Oxford Valley Mall?

There've been dozens of reports of UFO sightings in Bucks County over the past few months. On Wednesday, November 19th, a possible explanation surfaced. You can read about it by Clicking Here.

In fact, Action News was able to find an eyewtiness.

"It was the most bizarre looking thing, we both said 'What is that?'" said Susan Prager of Yardley, Pa. "We couldn't figure it out. We kept looking at it and looking at it. It definitely was a UFO."

This burst in unexplained sightings has prompted the Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network, better known as MUFON, to hold its next Alien Hunter Conference at Bucks County Community College.

MUFON's Pennsylvania Branch Director, John Ventre, says having the meeting here is a no-brainer.

He sent us a release from his home near Pittsburgh saying, in part,"Over the Summer of 2008, we had 138 UFO sightings from Pittsburgh to Philly. Normally we would have 36 over a four month period. The Philly-Bucks County area had 77 of the 138.

Even Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia admits... He wants to believe.


"In the case of alien spacecraft, we have no hard evidence whatsoever about the existence of either alien spacecraft of aliens themselves," Pitts said.

That MUFON meeting will be held January 24th. Topics will include alien abductions, eyewitness accounts and the, quote, "alien hybrid program."

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