Update: Teen shot, killed by off-duty officer

January 13, 2009 4:08:39 PM PST
A young man is dead after being shot by a Philadelphia police officer. Police were looking for a suspect in a Monday afternoon shooting in the city's Logan neighborhood.

Police say an off-duty 25th district officer saw the initial shooting and gave chase when he witnessed a teenager flee the scene.

At some point in that pursuit, the teenage victim was shot and killed. Police say the boy was a suspect in an attempted murder case. They also said during a news conference Tuesday afternoon that his mother and step-father are members of the Philadelphia Police force.

The boy, 15-year-old William Smith, is the son of a veteran Philadelphia police officer now stationed in the 17th district. Police say he has a juvenile record.

The victim of the initial shooting, an 18-year-old man, remained Tuesday listed in critical but stable condition at a local hospital.

"the off-duty police officer did catch him about a block away, " Capt. James Clark of the Philadelphia Police told reporters. "There was some type of physical confrontation and during that confrontation the off-duty police officer shot the male several times. "

Police say at this point the killing of the 15-year-old appears justified to them. Invesitgators for the police and the Philadelphia District Attorney are investigating.

Smith's alleged accomplice in the initial shooting yesterday is identified by police as 18-year-old Marcus Powell. He was arrested at the scene. Another suspect remains at large, according to investigators.

You can get the latest crime statistics from the Philadelphia Police by CLICKING HERE for the force's crime data mapping site.