SEPTA strike possible ahead of World Series

PHILADELPHIA - October 26, 2009 Eventually, they found a spot at a hotel in Old City.

That means the threat of a walkout just hours before the first World Series game in Philadelphia still looms overhead.

It is estimated some 8,000 fans use SEPTA to get to games.

SEPTA says an agreement is doable, but signaled it would not be rushed into a bad deal because of the World Series deadline.

"We're more concerned about the million who go to work every day," said SEPTA spokesman Richard Maloney. "The World Series is going to be here for three days, then they're going to leave, and we still have a million people who need to go to work every day. So, we need to have a contract. We need to get serious about this thing."

A SEPTA operator with four years on the job now makes $50,000 a year is under a no-layoff clause and payus about $230 a year for health insurance.

The union is aksing for a four year deal with 4% raises every year. It says SEPTA is offering raises of 0% for the first two years, and two percent the next two years.

Both sides have about 120 hours before the World Series comes to Philadelphia.


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