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FEASTERVILLE, Pa. - December 14, 2009

After seeing that billboard on I-95, our Saving iwth 6abc crew traveled to Feasterville, Pa., to the warehouse of Closeout They have literally thousands of cabinets here. Some of them are assembled, some of them unassembled. But the bottom line is, if you want to renovate your kitchen, shopping here can save you thousands of dollars.

"We only do discounts," explains Neil Dayan of " Everything is discounts."

While the poor economy is hurting many businesses, it's actually what started this one.

Closeout Cabinets is a new division of Interlock -- a wholesale cabinet company that's been in Feasterville since 2003. When the building boom went bust, they decided to sell directly to the public.

"We used to sell to major contractors and builders and apartment management companies, " Dayan says. "And we decided to open it up to the public. We threw up a couple billboards and people just started pouring in."

Lesley McGuire of Feasterville was one of those people.

"Closeout cabinets had a great price," McGuire says. "It was about $4000 that i paid for the cabinets here. And anywhere else that I had priced were about 11,000 or 12,000 dollars. It is a huge savings. "

She adds, "And I thought quality might be a problem, but the quality was so much better than the other places."

Customers bring their kitchen measurements in to designers at Closeout Cabinets who can create a computer-generated kitchen floor plan.

The cabinets are all wood -- not particle board -- with high end features like self-closing drawers, full pull-out shelves, wine racks and more.

All of the sizes and finishes are in stock and ready to be pulled from the shelves. Closeout Cabinets also stocks discounted sinks, countertops and faucets.

If you want your cabinets assembled, the cost increases about 10%.

Installation is not included in the price. It's up to you -- or a contractor you hire -- to hang the cabinets on your walls. But doing it yourself may mean you can afford the kitchen of your dreams.

The McGuires hung their cabinets themselves, working weekends for about a month. "There's no way we could've done it if we didn't do it here, " McGuire says.

I picked out a sample kitchen with a designer. The list price of the cabinets I picked was $6522. The price from Closeout Cabinets was $3261.

In addition to the Feasterville warehouse, CloseoutCabinets has another location in Lakewood, New Jersey. For more information, click here.

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