Used books for half-price or less

January 27, 2010 6:59:00 AM PST
If you love reading, but don't like paying full-price for books, check out the Book Trader at 7 North 2nd Street in Old City.

The store is two full floors crammed to the ceiling with used books -- both hardbacks and paperbacks.

In addition to best-selling fiction, there are popular romances, a children's section, and other areas devoted to topics such as politics and travel.

And prices are half-off retail, or even less. One rack is full of books that can be yours for one or two dollars.

For avid readers like Diane Castner, of Frankford, it's a big money-saver.

"When I first started reading paperbacks, they were like $1.95 and now they're $15," Castner says." So this is a good alternative and they have a good selection here."

And not only are the prices low, she can bring back books she's already read for store credit.

Store owner Peter Hiler explains that the store accepts used books in good condition.

"Mostly things people have de-selected from their libraries and they want to get new things, so they bring them in and we give them a credit amount and they use it like cash in the store," he says.

If you bring in enough books, you can bring some new ones home for free. And if you really stock up, even if you're paying cash, you can get a big discount.

"We have a deal where if you spend $50, before tax, you get 30% off. Now, that's a big saving if you're buying a bunch of books," Hiler says.

The store also has an extensive collection of VHS tapes, priced at three for $10.

For more information about The Book Trader, click here.