Stamp Out Hunger with coupons

May 8, 2010 8:31:42 PM PDT
Valerie Sliker of Chalfont used her couponing skills to contribute to the Stamp Out Hunger drive in Souderton.

"In these economic times, it's kind of hard to have extra cash to donate, but being able to use coupons for everything, it's great and you can donate more," Sliker said.

Kaley Ehret, whose blog "Cha-ching on a Shoestring" teaches people how to maximize their coupon savings, came up with the idea of Couponing for Community.

"It was very foreign to me, the concept of giving food away because food's expensive, groceries, health and beauty products, until I started couponing and then I had extra, I had extra to give, and it sort of became second nature," Ehret said.

About 80 other money-saving bloggers joined Kaley's effort and encouraged their readers to donate items they'd gotten for free or for very little money to food banks in their communities.

Postal workers picked up donations and volunteers, including Girl Scouts, sorted the food and personal care items.

They'll be distributed by the Keystone Opportunity Center Food Pantry.

"I think it's wonderful, it's showing people that even in hard times, that with some effort and some concern for your fellow neighbor, that by doing this, you're able to contribute," Food Pantry coordinator Carol Sliker said.

While Stamp Out Hunger is a one day event, the need for food and personal care items is always ongoing, so whether you coupon or not, you can call your local food bank to see what you can do to help.