Save time, money with meal-planning site

June 7, 2010 10:03:33 AM PDT
"This is perfect for me because I don't mind cooking, but I hate the whole meal-planning process, I hate making my grocery list, I hate finding new recipes, I hate standing in front of the refrigerator at 5:00 and going what in the world am i going to make?"

Cindy DelVecchio is talking about discovering

DelVecchio -- a mother of three -- says her dinner dilemna disappeared when she joined E-mealz about six months ago.

She logs onto the site once a week.

"I get my meal plan for the week, seven meals and with that comes the grocery list, and the instructions," she explains. "And the grocery list is categorized by item, so all the canned goods are together, all the produce is together, all the meats are together, so it's effortless shopping."

The site has meal plans, shopping lists and recipes for couples or families, for low-fat, low-carb or point-system diets.

They also have meal plans created around weekly sales at specific stores.

DelVecchio says she's saving about $30 a week on groceries, along with a lot of time.

"I just go buy the list," she says. "I don't go in and look and go,' I might make that, so let's just pull this off the shelf and maybe i'll make... let's get this.' It eliminates all of that," she says.

The meals and their ingredients are numbered, so if you don't want to make all the meals, it's easy to take unnecessary items off your list.

And bottom line, Cindy says the food tastes good.

"The food is good and I was a skeptic." she says. "My kids like the food. I think my husband was a little bit skeptical. I have a son with autism, who's very picky. He eats it. If he can eat it, anybody can eat it. So, I have actually been really pleased." Subscribing to E-mealz costs $1.25 a week, or $5.00 a month, and you pay for three months at a time.

To check out E-mealz, click here.