Triple shooting wounds 2 boys; suspect loose


It happened around 3:30 p.m. Saturday outside City Paging and Communications on the 2100 block of South 67th Street.

Police say the man who appears to be the intended target, 19-year-old Marquis Wesley, had just paid his cell phone bill and was walking home.

That's when a second man, who was also inside the store, fired six shots on a crowded street, hitting Wesley multiple times in the back.

The bullets also hit 2-year-old Deshawn Brown and his brother, 8-year-old Joseph. The boys were outside playing about 25 yards up the street.

Both boys are now listed in stable condition.

Pastor Dave Price of New Genesis Christian Church visited the children Sunday afternoon.

"Joseph, he was walking around, little discomfort, DeShawn, he was in the bed, but he seems to be OK; they seem to be in pretty good condition," Pastor Price said.

Wesley was in fair condition at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

The gunman is still at large. Police say he was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and he is believed to be between 19 and 25.

Police have obtained surveillance footage they believe will help locate the gunman. As for the motivation behind the shooting, that's still being investigated.

Authorities have told Action News that Wesley is known to police.

Meanwhile, residents say the community had been celebrating 'Southwest Pride Day,' with a parade sponsored by community activist Paul 'Earthquake' Moore just hours before the shooting.

"There's always one knucklehead in the community that destroys everything in our community," Moore said.

Neighbor Raymond Harris was outside when he heard the shots.

"All I could think of was I have a 2-year-old daughter, all I could think of was my daughter, what it would do to me," Harris said.

The shooting of the children following what was supposed to be a festive celebration of community pride has outraged many in the community.

"I'm sure somebody seen it, trust me," Moore said.

"We need to be more active and proactive in stopping things like this from happening," Price said.

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