High-tech, low-price toys top holiday toy list

NEW YORK (AP) - September 28, 2010

From tiny remote-control cars from Mattel to nearly paper-thin electronic guitars and drums from WowWee Toys called Paper Jamz, many techie toys are wallet-friendly at under $30.

Jim Silver, an analyst at Time to Play Magazine, which offers an influential list of hot toys each year, says toy prices overall have come down, but technology has gotten better. The highest-priced toy on the list is $59.99. In previous years, they went well over $100 on the high end.

Other tech-heavy toys that made the list include Spin Master's remote control $24.99 Air Hogs Moto Frenzy motocross bikes and Hasbro Inc.'s $29.99 Scrabble Flash with digital cubes that click together to form words.

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