Save with do-it-yourself Christmas decor


But you don't have to pay those kinds of prices for Christmas decor items. All it really takes is a little creativity and a stop at your local craft store.

We met Robin Beam, Director of Education for A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts, at their South Philadelphia store.

"People will come in to our floral specialist or our other specialists in the store and say, 'I saw this. How can I do this?' and we can definitely help you get in the right direction," Beam explains.

Remember those $38 ornaments? At the craft store, you can get paintable ornaments for $1 each.

"If you want to make higher-end ornaments, we have these great markers, that are oil-based that will work on the non-porous surface," Beam demonstrates. "And again, you can do six ornaments for $3 each."

You can also use the ornaments as gift tags on bottles.

And those poinsettia centerpieces? Beam makes a low-cost version using a bucket, styrofoam ball and some silk flowers, for just a few dollars each. And she tops them with homemade chocolates.

Even the lighted gift tower can be re-created at a fraction of the cost.

"When you look at it, you break it down, and what it is is three boxes, and it's two square glass containers and lights," Beam explains.

She stacks pre-decorated boxes, and glass cubes with lights in them and wraps them all with deco-mesh, topped with a bow. The total cost is about $20.

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