Police seek missing student from Delaware Co.

January 25, 2011 3:12:35 PM PST
Police say a college freshman hasn't been seen since he walked away from a building at his western Pennsylvania school last week.

Officials at Geneva College say 18-year-old Devon Minor was last seen leaving a dining hall on Thursday.

College provost Ken Carson says Minor's roommates alerted administrators when they hadn't seen him by Saturday morning. Minor left behind his keys and cell phone.

Carson said school officials are stumped as to why Minor would be missing.

"He was under no legal or judicial issues on campus," said Provost Ken Carson. "There's nothing like that."

Carson says it's not unusual for a college student to be gone for a night, but an absence this long is worrying.

Minor's aunt and legal guardian traveled across the state from the family's home in Clifton Heights, Delaware County, to the Beaver County school.

"Our prayer was that we would meet him here today. That hasn't happened," said aunt Gail Barlow.

"This is unlike him, he is responsible. He would not miss work and school for this long," said aunt Tammy Horton.

Eleanor Barlow says Minor once left home for 24 hours while in high school and is a self-described loner.

The pastor at Minor's church said he is a Christian activist.

"It is absolutely alarming and because, intellectually speaking, he is a sharp young man - we're just at a loss to figure out why," said the Rev. Bruce Alick of Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Germantown.

At first Minor's uncle, Otis Barlow, was not worried but, as time passes, his concern grows.

"18 or 19 years old, in college. He might just be out hanging. But Sunday rolled around, then Monday, now Tuesday... it became more of a concern now," said Otis.

Minor did not learn who is biological father was until this past Christmas. His father, John Macon, Jr., sensed Minor may have been sorting through some issues.

"He's working things out to me. I didn't see anything negative or anything bad," Macon said.

At this point, all those involved can do is search, wait and pray.