Bullying victim meets Eagles on 'The View'

DeSean Jackson and the victim of a bullying attack in Upper Darby, Nadin Khoury, met on 'The View'

February 3, 2011 8:41:54 PM PST
The Upper Darby teenager who was bullied and beaten - and the attack videotaped - appeared on ABC's "The View" on Thursday morning.

There was even a surprise waiting for him at the end of the show - A group of Philadelphia Eagles, including DeSean Jackson, came out to meet the young man!

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The segment began with the teen, Nadin Khoury, his mother, and stepfather speaking openly about the incident, which we first reported Monday night on Action News.

Nadin was attacked by seven older teenagers, bullied, beaten, and hung from a fence by his clothing. It happened in Upper Darby back on January 11th.

The teen told "The View" why he thinks this all started.

"They were messing with me because I'm one of the smallest ones and, when we first moved to the area, they saw my mom was African and they made fun of my mom a lot," Nadin said.

The teen said he's hoping that someone will step in next time something like this happens, and call the police. In this case, police said witnesses did nothing to help.

The seven suspects, who attend the Alternative High School for Troubled Students, remain in police custody for psychiatric and risk evaluation.

Then, after talking about his difficult experiences, Khoury got the surprise of his life - DeSean Jackson, Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson came on stage to meet the young man!

DeSean Jackson even gave him the jersey off his back and autographed it for him.

The Eagles players said they 'had his back' in case anything bad happened again.

"I feel there're a lot of kids who get bullied and they're scared to speak up, scared to tell their parents, scared because their peers will make fun, and it takes a brave young man to do that," DeSean told Action News following an appearance at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

As for Nadin saying he was teased for being too small, Jackson says he can relate.

"They kept bullying him because of his size and how small he was and well, on the football field, people try to stop me from doing the great things I do because they think I'm so small," DeSean said.

Action News caught up with Nadin, who was still wearing DeSean's jersey, after he got home on Thursday. He was still in a state of disbelief!

"I don't know if it's real or not!" he said.

When he agreed to tell his story, he had no idea that it would end with a meeting with the Eagles.

"When I heard DeSean Jackson, I started crying, because that's my favorite athlete, my favorite football player," Nadin said.

Nadin and his family are now settling into a new home after they moved away from where he was victimized.

And while he was still stunned, Nadin certainly didn't lose his sense of humor after his day with celebrities.

"Still waiting on a call from Oprah," he said.