Parenting: Valentine's Day Traditions

February 15, 2011

I must be crazy, but every year I have about 20 children under the age of 10 at my house to celebrate Valentine's Day. Kids love this holiday. What's not to embrace? A day dedicated to loving your significant other, your family, and your friends.

Each year the kids decorate the entire house in hearts. We pull out the homemade Valentine's from years past. It's an explosion of pink and red!

In a feeble attempt to reduce the destruction on the house, I keep the kids busy with games. There' a basket filled with silly heart prizes to entice even the bigger girls to participate. We play the usual, freeze dance, pass the "heart" potato, and Simon Says. We also throw in the unusual: a relay race where you have to slip on Valentine's shorts and jewelry before crossing the finish line!

In the end, the kids have a great time. They have something to look forward to, just as we adults look forward to our one night of the year or roses and romance!

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