Wild Times Come to 6abc!

The Philadelphia Zoo presents "XTinkShun"

Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Philadelphia Zoo's "X·tink·shun"!
April 9, 2011 5:43:02 PM PDT
Go Behind-the-Scenes of the Philadelphia Zoo's "X·tink·shun"! Fur will soon be flying at the Philadelphia Zoo! But first, a cuddly cast of characters will flock into your living room! Join Action News' Rick Williams and Cecily Tynan for an inside look at the Philadelphia Zoo's new X·tink·shun: Saturday, April 9th at 7 pm on 6abc. X·tink·shun: A wild puppet x·perience is the first exhibit of its kind - an innovative and interactive call to action to save endangered species. The exhibit, which stars a cast of puppets with a purpose, will run from now through the fall at the Philadelphia Zoo. Saturday, Rick and Cecily give viewers a sneak peek into the world of these puppets, from their creation at the legendary Jim Henson Company? in New York City, to their transformation into mighty messengers for conservation. The Action News team even joins the puppets for a movie-making experience right in the 6abc studios.

6abc's behind-the-scenes look at X·tink·shun: A wild puppet x·perience, airs this Saturday at 7 pm on 6abc.

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE: www.xtinkshun.org

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