Results of the Blue Cross Broad Street Run

May 1, 2011 11:54:11 AM PDT
It was a picture-perfect day to run 10 miles down Broad Street, and that's exactly what some 30,000 people did on Sunday for the 2011 Blue Cross Broad Street Run.

They started in front of Central High and ran straight down to the Navy Yard with fans cheering them along the entire way.

It took the winners less than an hour to cross the finish line.

The men's winner was Ketema Migusse, with an unofficial time of 46 minutes, 30 seconds. He placed second last year, when the race was run in 90-degree heat.

"The weather was very nice today," Migusse said. "Last year was very hot.

The women's winner was Lauren Laielli with a time of 54 minutes, 27 seconds.

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The Action News team was well represented, with Cecily Tynan setting a personal record for this race and Adam Joseph just a few seconds off his own record pace. They (of course) credited the great weather for helping them out along the way.

"It was dangerous last year, 20 degrees warmer, high humidity. Today, you couldn't ask for better," said Adam.

Ali Gorman barely seemed winded as she crossed the finish line. She said she was inspired by the many cancer survivors who ran the race, which benefits the American Cancer Society.

"There are so many cancer survivors running this race, including my sister, so it was so special to see that," Ali said.

This was Brian Taff's first run down Broad Street, but he says he's planning to make it an annual tradition.

"I'd never run this distance in my entire live. I cant believe I finished!" said Brian.