Jersey Shore beach patrols on the move

June 10, 2011 3:02:06 PM PDT
With summer-like temps arriving early this year, many beach patrols have been scrambling to deal with the big rush to the Jersey shore.

The umbrellas are out, the ice cream has arrived. The summer season might not officially be here yet but the summer crowds are. Folks at the 90th Street Beach in Stone Harbor have noticed but they are not complaining.

"In the last few years, it seems to heat up faster and faster, come right out of winter, never seem to get spring, get summer," said Patrick Haverkoch.

"This year we had to dive right into summer," said Capt. Sandy Bosacco of the Stone Harbor Beach Patrol. Capt. Bosacco explains, they haven't needed to bolster staff levels but the beach patrol has been extra-busy.

Roughly 40 members of the beach patrol are on staff now. They'll be at the full 60 members within the next few weeks. They're ready for another bustling weekend.