Murder-suicide destroys Bucks Co. family

June 22, 2011 12:33:30 PM PDT
A family tragedy in Warrington, Bucks County has veteran police officers shaking their heads.

It started with an unusual 911 call from the man who lives at 167 Red Stone Drive in Warrington.

Christopher Moyer reported that he discovered his wife and seven year old bludgeon to death.

"When asked by the 911 operator if he had done it, he said he had," explained District Attorney David Heckler.

Inside the house, police found the body of Irina also known as Elizabeth Moyer and Moyer's son.

Bucks DA David Heckler, who worked overnight with investigators, said both victims were found in or near their bedrooms, a bloody baseball bat was nearby, but there was no evidence of a defensive struggle.

"This seems to be situation where he may have struck these people while they were sleeping. We don't know," Heckler said.

Christopher Moyer was not there, it appears he drove to a nearby railroad track.

"I think he lay down on the tracks and let train pass over his head. So, he is dead, there is no one to prosecute, and this is a terrible tragedy," Heckler said.

Neighbors described Irina as sweet, polite and quiet; a doting mother. The couples little boy, Dillon, had just finished first grade.

44 year old Christopher Moyer was a computer specialist, a free lancer who worked from home. He was described by some as socially awkward.

While Dillon was known to neighbors, his parents rarely socialized.

"They keep to themselves," said neighbor Keving Radzuil. "They had a cute kid. Dillon was a special little kid, and he is going to be missed to the neighborhood."

Investigators are still unsure about a motive.

"There is some indication from neighbors that the Moyers had some financial difficulties," said Heckler.

Reports indicate the state had placed a lien on the Moyer's last September and that the family had avoided foreclosure in 2006 when they settled a federal lien.