Mrs. Fixit: Sideboard to Bench

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July 16, 2011 5:41:09 AM PDT
Sideboards like this one may look too dated for your décor, but with some alterations and paint we can turn this dining room castoff into a cute little bench for your home.

Start with the alterations so when you refinish it's one cohesive finish.

A standard bench is about seventeen inches high, so start by measuring down from the top of the piece to mark seventeen inches.

You can go an inch higher or lower on the bench depending on where you will need to cut the legs. To make the bench sturdy you'll need to be sure you have strong enough legs for it to sit on and to take the weight of whomever may sit on it.

Turn the piece on its back and saw the legs off at your marks. Sand the area around your cuts to remove any splinters and then turn the piece back upright.

Remove any hardware from the piece and sand it thoroughly to scuff up the surface for your fresh topcoat then wipe the entire piece down with a damp cloth.

Now you're ready to prime and paint. Let that dry completely and then add your hardware to really make the piece stand out.

An easy transformation that brought an old piece some new life! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!