Mayoral election nears in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - October 6, 2011

Action News caught up with Karen Brown, Republican for mayor, at 8th and Indiana streets. Three people were murdered Tuesday night at that location.

One of the victims was a pregnant woman.

Brown claims Mayor Michael Nutter's negligence is responsible for this kind of carnage and if elected she'll do better by them.

The former Democratic Committee woman says the incumbent only works for the haves not the have-nots.

"It's our kids that are screaming with their flash mobs, these senseless murders. I blame Nutter for every bit of it, because you know what, he's in charge. Anything that happens under his watch is his," Brown said.

Mayor Nutter is generally cruising towards November 8th, confident but cautious and making sure Brown doesn't lay a glove on him.

"I think that Ms. Brown is going to say just about anything at anytime, at anyplace, because if you don't have any facts then all you can do is spout out accusations," Nutter said.

"He's running very scared because people have had enough, they truly have had enough and as far as they're concerned enough's enough for them. It's the taxpayers that are actually the credit cards for his spending," Brown said.

"We did not lay off thousands of public employees like some other cities did; we did not close massive numbers of facilities," Nutter said.

Former President Bill Clinton will come to Philadelphia late this month to campaign for Nutter. The short term strategy is to generate turnout in the year in advance of President Barack Obama's reelection bid and to try to generate a Nutter landslide as the mayor ponders a run for governor down the road.

The numbers simply do not favor Karen Brown in terms of voter registration figures and the size of Brown's war chest. She is in a lonely, uphill struggle against the powerful Democratic Party machine she used to work for.

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