Jomar's new approach to discount shopping


The local discount chain is re-making its image. The stores are neater and brighter ... And the chain's connecting with customers in innovative ways.

Jomar Owner Mark Segal explains, "A customer does walk in here -- a customer that's been with us for years -- and the first thing they think of is, 'They must've raised the prices.' But no, we did not."

Some examples: Sweaters, which you could've bought at Macy's last winter for $30 to $60 are selling at Jomar for $10 to $20. Purses by Iman and other designers are $20 to $30. And ladies boots are just $16 a pair.

Winter coats by Mark, Calvin Klein and Jones New York are priced at $79 each.

Jomar stores also sell furniture, toys, household items and fabric, all overstocks bought from well-known retailers, catalogs, and designers.

Segal says, "You'd be looking to save 75% to 80% off. That's our original prices. That's without the coupons, without the special sale days, that's our first price."

How Jomar's getting coupons and sale information to customers was the topic of a recent article in the New York Times. The chain's on Facebook and Twitter and has an interactive webpage where customers can upload photos wearing their discount deals to qualify for prizes including an iPad.

Segal says, "With the economy today, you can almost brag about when you find a bargain, which is what our customers do here."

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