Movie scenes filmed in SW Philadelphia

February 6, 2012 3:04:40 PM PST
Award-winning producer, director and actor, Charles Dutton, was shooting pick-up scenes for a movie in Southwest Philadelphia on Monday.

In the film, "Must be the Music," Dutton plays a fictitious Philadelphia Music Mogul.?

The film also stars Philadelphia local Tasha Smith, best known for her roles in the hit films, "Why Did I Get Married?" and "Jumping the Broom."?

In speaking of the film, Smith said, "As a little girl walking the streets of Camden, I dreamed about being an actress.? I used to tell people that I see myself going to Hollywood and being in movies, and people used to think I was crazy. So I just stayed focused, pressed in to God and kept dreaming big."

This film is just the beginning of what he hopes to become a franchise of films.? "We started talking about what we could do here in Philadelphia," Dutton said, "Not just one movie, but get on a roll with it sort of like Tyler Perry did."

? What draws Dutton to film in our city?? Co-Producer Steven Gordon grew up in the area and suggested to film here.?? Gordon said, "I dreamt about it, believe in God, hope it would come true, work towards it, but I'm still pinching myself. I'm still dreaming."

Today's scene takes place at the Chosen Generation Church and the Pastor, Jeffrey Goodson, is overjoyed.? "This is awesome that they're coming in the hood," said Goodson, "Folks don't like to come here for things like this, it makes me feel good."

Everyone on the set said they hope the movie and production company will have a big impact on the city. They expect the movie to be out by the end of the year.

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