Killing of Bucks Co. musician remains a mystery

Danny DeGennaro

February 14, 2012 3:12:16 PM PST
A successful musician living in Bucks County was gunned down inside his own home shortly after Christmas. Weeks later, there is still no closure for the family and friends of the victim.

Danny DeGennaro, 56, died on the night of December 28th at his home on Crabtree Drive in Levittown. His brother, Gary, said Danny would often sit at his kitchen table to write songs and play his guitar.

According to Gary, investigators believe Danny was doing just that when he was shot.

"He had gotten up like this," Gary said while standing, adding "He was shot was shot here" while pointing to his chest.

Danny staggered through the living room before collapsing near the front door with a single shotgun wound to chest. The back door was left ajar.

"It was pretty much an assassination,' said family friend Rick Stallard. "They came here with one motive and one only. They didn't rob the house or rob him or nothing. They killed him so whatever the motive was - we would sure like to know that."

The Bucks County District Attorney's office tells Action News that a number of suspects have been ruled out. However, they're stepping up their investigation to include surveillance of several "people of interest" and narrowing the focus of the investigation. The DA's office is confident they will solve the case.

Crimestoppers is offering a cash reward for any tips that lead to an arrest and conviction in the DeGennaro unsolved homicide. Tips can be telephoned in to Crimestoppers at 1-800-4PA-TIPS.

The hope is that the reward money will be an incentive for a tipster to come forward to help solve the murder of this popular Bucks County musician. Danny had toured with national acts, but his family and friends say it never got to his head.

"He never put himself above anybody," said Rick Stallard.

"There was no money but, boy, did we have the time of our lives," said Gary.

There are upcoming benefits scheduled to raise more reward money. For more information go to