Philadelphia school to be a model for others

February 21, 2012 2:52:33 PM PST
Educators from across the country will soon be coming to Philadelphia to learn about a model project and Mayor Michael Nutter was on hand at the Camelot Excel High School South on Tuesday to make the announcement.

Camelot's Accelerator High School program has captured the attention of "Jobs For the Future," based in Boston and has selected Camelot Excel South in Juniata Park to expand and improve the program for "second chance" learners.

"If you look at other cities in the nation, you're a role model," said Marlene Seltzer, presidents of Jobs for the Future.

Jobs for the Future has been impressed with the phenomenal academic achievements by students in the Camelot program and with Mayor Nutter's handling of alternative education in the city.

"More than 2/3 of the students who are part of this program have advance two or more grades per school year," said Mayor Nutter.

Jobs For the Future developed the instructional prototype to help struggling youth and adults, many who have dropped out of school, to graduate and go on to college and successful careers.

"Some of you have gotten off-track or dropped out. What's important here is that you drop back in," said Mayor Nutter.

The Mayor and JFF President got a tour and sample of the type of education students are receiving.

"When I toured the classroom you felt the energy, the thirst for education, knowledge, inquiry," said Seltzer.

"You actually feel like someone cares and when you feel like someone cares you actually do a lot better," said Camelot senior Clifford Morton.

Of course, one of the most popular stops was culinary class where students were busy preparing fresh bruschetta and cucumber and tomato salad - another tasty example of Camelot's overall success.