6at4 Business Report: Apple sued; Veterans win bank lawsuit

March 13, 2012 2:21:56 PM PDT
Apple faces a lawsuit over Siri; Is US Airways wooing American Airlines; Veterans win class action lawsuit; Disney launches program to help veterans.

Homeless used for WiFi hotspots
A controversial program in Austin, Texas is turning homeless people into living, breathing, Wifi hotspots. Dusty White, a homeless former car salesman who is part of a pilot program in the city of Austin that aims to fill in so called Wifi dead zones. So, he is paid $20 a day to walk around with a small device that allows people nearby to access the internet from their wireless device. He gets extra money if anyone logs on. Critics have called the idea "dehumanizing" and "distasteful." City officials have not yet decided whether the program will be permanent.

Apple sued over Siri
Siri is suddenly everyone's personal assistant, but one man is not pleased with her job performance. A New York man is suing Apple over purported problems with the iPhone's voice activated assistant. Frank Fazio claims Apple's ads are quote -- misleading and deceptive, because they overstate her actual capabilities. Siri was introduced on the iPhone 4S, 37 million of which have been sold since October.

US Airways - American Airlines merger?
US Airways is thinking about what a merger with American Airlines might look like. It's previously said it's exploring whether to try to combine with the bankrupt air carrier, and now the Wall Street Journal says it's snapped up web addresses like americanusairways.net. US Airways president Scott Kirby tells us that they learned from its failed bid for Detla Airlines in 2006 that if they should buy American, the deal needs to be friendly and it needs to have labor support.

Veterans win lawsuit over bank fees
A victory for veterans who were allegedly cheated out of millions of dollars. JP Morgan is paying $45 million to settle a lawsuit accusing the bank of charging illegal fees when veterans were refinancing their mortgages. Two whistleblowers brought the lawsuit against 8 banks. JP Morgan is the first to settle those claims. Plaintiffs say they're likely to get millions more as other banks are forced to settle.

Disney hiring 1,000 veterans
Disney, the parent company of 6abc, has some major plans for job creation. It's going to hire 1,000 military veterans returning home from duty over the next 3 years It's part of a program to help them adjust back to civilian life. You can see one video campaign about the program here. Disney is also going to invest in select non-profit organizations that provide training and other support services for veterans.