Get a hour massage for $25

April 6, 2012 5:17:03 AM PDT
Karen Aviso of Northeast Philadelphia isn't a millionaire, but she treats herself to an hour-long massage once a week.

"It's a good way to help your body release all the toxins, and improve your blood circulation," she explains. "So, I would say, don't take drugs, just get a massage."

Aviso can afford this indulgence because she discovered the great massage deal offered at the National Massage Therapy Institute in Northeast Philadelphia.

At the student clinic, located at 10050 Roosevelt Blvd. (near Red Lion Road), an hour-long massage, performed by a student under close supervision by an instructor is just $25.

Institute spokeswoman Carrie Grice explains, "There is privacy as you would get in a spa setting, however, it is a learning environment, so the students have to be evaluated as well. So the instructors are able to watch and make sure that they are providing the quality massage that they are supposed to be providing."

The Institute doesn't provide quite the ambiance of an expensive day spa -- it's located in strip mall, and instead of private rooms, there are hospital-like curtain partitions. But clients don't seem to mind and appointments book up quickly.

The clinic is open Monday through Thursday, with evening hours Tuesday through Thursday, and every other weekend. And the institute has additional locations in Wilmington, Del., and Egg Harbor, New Jersey.

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