Girlfriend takes stand in casino carjack trial

Pictured: Craig Arno and Jessica Kisby as they appeared in court on May 9th, 2011. Both pleaded not guilty to murder, felony murder, carjacking and kidnapping charges.

April 16, 2012 2:15:09 PM PDT
She swore to tell the truth, and the story she told was chilling.

Testifying in a plea deal against her former boyfriend Craig Arno, 26-year-old Jessica Kisby detailed how in May of 2010 she and Arno followed 47-year-old Martin Caballero of North Jersey into the Taj Mahal garage, carjacked his white Lincoln, then took him to a wooded area near the Hamilton Mall and stabbed him in the trunk of his car.

"Started stabbing him and the guy was kicking and kicking and I started slicing at his legs," Kisby testified.

Kisby, who's already pleaded guilty to murder, carjacking and other charges testified the knife Arno was using broke in half. So with the victim still in the trunk she and Arno went to her mother's house in Atlantic City where she grabbed two more knives, including a large hunting knife.

"Why were you going to go get another knife?" asked the prosecutor.

"Cause you started it, you got to finish it now," said Kisby.

And that's exactly what Kisby says Arno did.

"I had given him the knife and he went back to stabbing him again," she said.

"How many stabbing motions did you see him make?" asked the prosecutor. "Don't know, it was a lot. I can't count."

Craig Arno also testified and told a much different story. Pointing the finger at Kisby as the killer, Arno says Kisby went out the night of the murder to collect money she was owed and when she was returned was upset and anxious to get rid of the white Lincoln she was driving.

"All she said was, 'I got a problem, you gotta help me, you gotta get rid of the car,'" Arno testified. "I did ask her why. She just said, 'Listen, you gotta help me. Please, please, please, you gotta get rid of the car.'"

While Martin Caballero's distraught family listened to the gruesome details of his murder, Jessica Kisby stretched, at times laughed, and was nonchalant as she described wiping blood from the back bumper of the victim's car. She told a gas station attendant it came from a deer they'd hit.

After dumping the victim's body, Kisby said she and Arno planned to torch the vehicle to get rid of any evidence. At times Kisby's answers to the prosecutor were downright callous.

"Had the victim made any noise?" she was asked. "No, not really," she replied.

"Had the victim made any attempt to escape?" the prosecutor asked. "No I was busy messing with the radio. I didn't think I heard anything."