Mrs. Fixit: Tripod Trellises

September 30, 2012

I want the plant to take center stage so I'll show you how to make a natural tripod trellis that will disappear once the plant takes hold.

The first thing you need is three equal length tree branches an inch or less in diameter and as straight as you can find.

Lay the branches down using twine. Wrap the branches together about a quarter of the way down from one end.

Make sure that you bind them tightly and then tie off the end with a few knots.

Now you should be able to turn the branches upright and pull the bottoms apart to form a tripod.

Carefully insert the three ends of the tripod into your pot or the ground surrounding the plant. Place some of the tendrils around the branches and the plant should do the rest.

If you want the plant to completely cover the form, try winding some twine around the tripod. Once it's in place, it will give the tendrils more places to grow.

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