Mrs. Fixit: Tiered Tins

March 31, 2013 4:14:55 AM PDT
Over the holidays I get lots of metal tins filled with cookies and candies.

I've always used them to store different items, but I have to stop and open the tin and close and look through them.

So why not stack them into a tiered storage unit? I'll show you how.

First, you'll need a thick dowel at least an inch in diameter for stability.

Decide how long you want the dowel for your unit.

Make sure you take into account the height of your lower tin so you have enough clearance to use the display once it's finished. Then cut the dowel to size.

Punch a hole in the bottom of your smallest tin and insert a screw down through the bottom of the tin and into your dowel.

Repeat for the bottom tin, except you need to go up through the bottom of the tin - make sure you use a flat head screw so that the screw head doesn't prevent the display from sitting flat on your tabletop.

You can either leave it as is or spray paint it to coordinate with your home.

To reuse the tops of the tins, recycle an old candlestick; hot glue the tins to the candlestick.

The smaller size of the lids make an adorable cupcake stand!

Try these ideas for yourself.