Supermarket beauty bargains

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May 15, 2013 8:52:17 AM PDT
"Why break the bank when you don't have to?"

That's the question Blogger and Social Life Magazine Beauty Editor Jeanette Zinno asks.

Zinno says for most beauty products, you don't have to shop fancy department stores or pricey salons.

"A lot of the products we have at the grocery store are just as effective, the technology is just as good as other department stores or Sephora. Why spend if you don't have to?" she adds.

Among her favorite supermarket beauty bargains: Maybelline mascara.

She says, "It's available at every groceyr store and drug store, but the mascara is just amazing, it gives you those big beautiful lashes and it's under $7."

She says she's also found that Garnier's skincare products compare well to much more expensive brands.

She says, "i love Garnier. It has a moisturizer and then it also has an amazing anti-puff eye cream eye roller. It's made with things like caffeine, which helps ciruclation around the eyes -- get rid of those bags -- and it has mint extract, too, which cools under the eyes and redues swelling."

She also likes supermarket and drug store eye shadows and hair-care products, along with nail polishes.

The one item Zinno says is worth a deparment-store splurge? Foundation, because getting the color right can be tricky.

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