Child left in car with loaded gun in Kensington

April 25, 2013 5:34:07 AM PDT
Police say the mother of a 6-year-old left the child in a car unattended with a loaded gun in Kensington Wednesday night.

Police happened to be in the 400 block of East Clearfield Street when they spotted the child alone in a car.

"A total disregard for the child's safety to leave a child alone in a car around 8:30 at night, but the fact that there was a loaded gun within inches from the child," said Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Small described the gun as a 44 caliber handgun with an 8-inch barrel, which was on the floor of the car while the child sat in the front driver's seat.

The mother was located a short time later and now faces child endangerment charges.

Small says it was a miracle that the child didn't get a hold of the gun to cause harm to himself or someone else.