StormTracker 6 Live Double Scan: groundbreaking new technology

September 3, 2013

6abc is the only television station in the mid-Atlantic to own and operate this double scan technology.

That means we will be able to give you potentially life-saving information about dangerous weather minutes before anyone else.

Our viewing area gets it all - thunderstorms, tornadoes, freezing rain, snow and even hurricanes.

And now StormTracker 6 is even better at giving you the most accurate information so you will have the earliest possible warning to keep your family safe.

Traditional radar gives just one scan, creating a 2-dimensional look at precipitation.

But now StormTracker 6 Live, powered by 1 million watts of power, has a double scan that gives a multi-dimensional view, sweeping all angles of the sky both horizontally and vertically.

Instead of seeing a rain drop as a flat object, it now precisely determines the size and shape of the rain drop, providing a more accurate estimate of the amount of rain reaching the ground and improving forecasts of where flooding will occur.

As one of the most advanced radars in use on the U.S. East Coast, StormTracker 6 Live Double Scan allows us to pinpoint exactly where in a thunderstorm hail is falling and how large it is.

In the winter, this technology will more accurately allow us to identify whether it's rain, freezing rain, sleet or snow falling in your neighborhood.

It's a system is so powerful it can cut through multiple layers of a storm and, for the first time ever, tell us when a tornado is on the ground by identifying the difference between rain drops and actual debris being kicked up by the tornado.

When it comes to the safety of your family and the earliest detection of severe weather, you can count on StormTracker6 Live Double Scan and the AccuWeather Team.

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