Middle school student with autism given desk over toilet in bathroom

Saturday, September 21, 2019

BELLINGHAM, Washington -- A middle school in Washington State was alerted that one of their students has special needs and does best in a quiet place.

His mom says the space they moved him to is definitely not a room for rest, no matter what it's called.

Lucas Goodwin, 11, has a disgusted look on his face in a photo his mom took when they arrived to school Monday to find his new quiet learning place, in a functioning bathroom.

KOMO reports his new desk was over a toilet.

"I was like how is this happening? How am I in the bathroom? Why?," said Lucas.

His mom Danielle says the teacher also gave him a camping mat to nap on the bathroom floor.

"I was so shocked. I just took the picture because I didn't believe what I was seeing," Danielle recalled.

Lucas is autistic and has an autoimmune disorder.

Danielle says she asked if there was another option for his desk, but Lucas' teacher said no.

"It's not an appropriate place for anyone. But especially for Lucas who, with his Pandas condition, can't be around germs. That's something that can really affect his body," Danielle said.

Lucas says he doesn't want to go back to his school.

"Oh yeah, well just put them in the bathroom. Perfect space. 'That's not fine,'" Lucas said.

A school district spokeswoman says the desk was set up last weekend.

She notes space has been an issue at the school.