New Jersey barbershop owner creating buzz over unique haircutting strategy

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020
NJ barber creating buzz over unique haircutting strategy
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Prohibited from cutting, this barber found a way to keep his clipping skills alive.

HOBOKEN, New Jersey -- A New Jersey barbershop owner, Steven Torres, is creating quite a buzz by finding a unique way to cut hair, while social distancing.

Torres owns Spesh Barbershop in Hoboken and he might also own the title for the most creative way to make the most of your pandemic time.

His barbershop has been closed since March 13 before the mandatory shutdown. Torres says it just didn't feel safe to stay open.

The business has been shut down now for three months, and the line to get in is growing by the day.

"Dude my phone is ringing off the hook," Torres said. "I get like 100 phone calls a day and texts."

So while he waits to reopen, Torres is training new staff to help him with the crazy demand headed his way.

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To abide by social distancing guidelines, Torres has moved his business outdoors and is using mannequin heads since they can't spread the virus.

Nancy Mieses knows her way around hair but mostly works on brides.

Since there aren't many weddings happening lately, she figured she would make the most of her free time learning how to cut men's hair.

"He came up with a way to teach me and social distance at the same time," Mieses said.

Right now Mieses is still learning, but she'll be ready when they reopen.