Soccer coach under fire for taking high school team to Hooters

LAKE GEORGE, New York (WPVI) -- A soccer coach in upstate New York is under fire for taking the high school soccer team he coaches to Hooters.

Local newspaper The Times Union says Blake White, who coaches the Lake George Junior/Senior High School soccer team, had just lost to another team after an undefeated season on November 2nd.

So, White decided to take the team to the restaurant known for waitresses dressed in tight and revealing clothing.

The school administration did not like it one bit.

The team was summoned to a mandatory meeting where the dinner was discussed, The Times Union reported.

Students were told the restaurant visit was not in line with the district's athletic program and values.

The district's female superintendent told the paper she took the Hooters dinner very seriously and addressed it immediately.

It's unclear what action was taken.

White is a longtime coach in the district and an elementary school teacher.

This is not the first time this has happened.

A coach in Oregon was fired for planning a post-season party at Hooters.
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