Boston murder trial: Is Karen Read a cold-blooded killer or conspiracy victim?

ByFaith Abubey ABCNews logo
Friday, May 3, 2024
Karen Read trial: Cold-blooded killer or conspiracy victim?
Karen Read is accused of murdering her boyfriend, Boston Police Officer John O'Keefe in January 2022.

BOSTON -- A Massachusetts woman is on trial after being accused of murdering her boyfriend -- a Boston police officer -- by running him over with her car.

However, attorneys for Karen Read say she was framed.

The contentious murder case is not only captivating but is also dividing the Boston area.

Although Read is charged with killing her boyfriend, Officer John O'Keefe, she claims it was all a cover-up.

Read's supporters have been seen outside the Norfolk Superior Courthouse, dressed in pink as they claim the 44-year-old is innocent.

But prosecutors say all evidence points to a relationship gone wrong. They allege that after a heated argument and a night of drinking in January 2022, Read ran O'Keefe over with her SUV and left him for dead in the snow in front of a fellow officer's house. They say investigators found pieces of Read's broken tail light at the scene.

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"The defendant, Karen Read, is guilty of murder in the second degree," Assistant Norfolk County District Attorney Adam Lally told the court.

However, the defense says Read is the victim of shoddy police investigation and a deep cover-up, claiming the night before O'Keefe's death, Read dropped him off at the officer's house and that that's where he was beaten and killed.

"Karen Read was framed," said defense attorney David Yannetti. "Her car never struck John O'Keefe. She did not cause his death and that means that somebody else did."

Read previously told ABC News' Matt Gutman that she believes she was framed.

Gutman: "You're alleging that law enforcement officials in the state committed murder and that they're covering it up. Why would they want to be involved in this?"

Read: "Because he's dead. I think things went too far. It was late. There was alcohol involved. But they're all family. And there's many of the involved."

Dash camera video played in court showed officers and Read both responding to the scene. Read can be seen frantically running around.

During court this week, an officer testified that she said this was all her fault

"She kept saying 'This is all my fault, this is my fault. I did this,'" Officer Steven Saraf said under oath.

The defense pushed back.

"But nowhere in your official report did you say that," defense attorney Alan Jackson said in response.

"That's correct," Ofc. Saraf responded back.

"And nowhere in your interview with trooper proctor the next day did you say that," Jackson pointed out.

"That's correct," Ofc. Saraf said again.

"You think that was a pretty important omission on your part," Jackson asked.

"It was an oversight," Ofc. Saraf said.

Read maintains she's innocent.