Broad Street run coming Sunday, rainy or not

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A rainy Broad Street Run is expected on Sunday.

Along Kelly Drive on Friday, runners weighed in on their upcoming 10-mile trek.

Bob Swayne from Center City said, "Just wear a hat, and hope for the best."

Spirits are bright even if the sky isn't.

Runner Tom Power explained, "You're going to get wet, but have fun."

Chloe Capitani added, "I'm visiting from out of town from Minneapolis so I'm going to run regardless."

It's not the first time sneakers have squished down Broad Street. There can be some benefits like low pollen counts and body temperature- to a point, of course.

"It keeps you cool during the race. The problem is after the race, you're not wearing a whole lot, and if it's pouring rain, your body gets really cold," Power said.

Swayne explained, "After you heat up a little bit then the rain feels good. But to wait in line and of course a long wait, especially at my speed because I'm way in the back, to wait in the rain is not very pretty. But it happens."

Wardrobe adjustments don't have to be high-tech. Expect to see ponchos and trash bags.

Vinny Mancini was on his bike Friday, but will be on his feet come Sunday.

"I'm going to get there early, and I'm going to have a lot of trash bags on me, and I am going to be trying to stay as warm as possible, and then when the race starts all the trash bags come off, run for it, and get dry clothes right after," Mancini said.

If the skies don't clear, Mancini wonders if the crowds will.

"Maybe some people won't show up. It will make room for other people to run through, you know?" Mancini said.
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