Runners take to Broad Street to recreate postponed Broad Street Run

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Sunday, May 3, 2020
A few runners ran path of cancelled Broad Street Run on Sunday
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A few runners ran path of cancelled Broad Street Run on Sunday

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- While The Broad Street Run has been postponed to October 4 amid the coronavirus pandemic, many runners still decided to run the 10 miles on their own Sunday.

"I can feel the drumline that's normally at Temple, and see people out on their stoops, or pretend to see them," said Ellen Speake, who was running down Broad Street Sunday morning.

Speake said she's been participating in the run for the past 3 years.

"It's probably one of the most emotional races I've run because there's like this unspoken wave and head nod between runners, it's like 'happy Broad Street day,' you're doing great," said Speake.

Organizations like the American Cancer Society of Philadelphia are also feeling the effects of the run not taking place today.

"Cancer hasn't stopped, and neither has the American Cancer Society," said Michael Brady, the community development manager for the American Cancer Society endurance programs.

To still raise money, the organization has encouraged its 500 runners to participate in a virtual run today.

"Runners can go on social media, and run ten miles while practicing social distancing," said Brady. "Take pictures from their run, tag the American Cancer Society of Philadelphia, and fundraise through their fundraiser links, which is part of our program."

Some runners were wearing their masks down Broad Street, while others kept it handy to use in case they passed a large group.

"I keep it in my pocket. If I see a large crowd, I'll put it on," said Scott Cirella.

Despite not being able to be side by side, many runners said they still feel connected to the city taking part in the Broad Street Run on their own.

"Makes me super appreciative for Philly," said Speake, "I've been thinking a lot about the essential workers out there, especially like running past grocery stores, and running past hospitals, so I feel very Philly strong."

Brady said with the Broad Street Run postponed, that gives The American Cancer Society of Philadelphia more time to raise funds.