Shore towns looking for seasonal workers

OCEAN CITY, N.J. (WPVI) -- The sun is out, winter is a distant memory and we are just days away from Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of summer down the shore.

Places like Ocean City are key getaway destinations for some fun in the sun, lazy days on the beach, and relaxing along the water, but for many, it's also time to work.

"Before Memorial Day we see a lot of crowds on the boardwalk going up and down to the businesses looking for the signs," Arianna Segich of Ocean City.

These help wanted signs dot the boardwalk in Ocean City. Year after year, people like Arianna Segich flock to the beach for seasonal work. She says landing a job is pretty easy.

"I just say go up and down the boardwalk, I think all these businesses are going to continuously look for more workers," said Segich.

Clare Kotansky, at Separately Swimwear, is one of the many businesses looking to hire.

"Our biggest thing is trying to get people that are going to work," she said.

She reminds all applicants while it's a beach job, it's serious businesses.

"This is not a one day a week job, it is not hey, my boyfriend has a party and I need to take the day off so I am going to call out," said Kotansky.

Michele Gillian with Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce says work is available but staffing is always a problem.

"That is one of our biggest challenges and one reason is that schools let out later, they start earlier, there are camps. There are all different obstacles but Ocean City seems to always rise to the top and really good employees," Gillian said.

All roads lead to the shore this summer and you could land a job on your next visit. From maintenance to pizza shops, if you're committed, you could hear those famous words, your hired.

"Tell them you are a hard worker, you are willing to put in the time, long hours. It is not an easy job. I will be honest. You have to come here to work," said Frank Woolley of Manco and Manco Pizza.

If you're invested in seasonal work in Ocean City, you can visit:
Ocean City employment Or: Ocean City Resort.
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