Another round of New Jersey Forest Fire Service firefighters head west to aid in wildfires

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Thursday, September 10, 2020
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New Jersey firefighters deploy to assist in fighting wildfires out west

Firefighters are describing conditions out west as a hectic situation on a scale they have not seen before.

People are losing their lives, homes and businesses, but despite all that more crews from this region are still leaving this Thursday morning to help as much as possible.

Those who are there now describe it as an eerie feeling while out there.

"Just the sky being that dark and at 1 p.m. it looks like nighttime. Just ash coming down like rain," said Larry Birch with the New Jersey Forest Fire Service.

New Jersey Fire Service crews out west are working in dangerous conditions, fighting massive fires that are being driven by strong, dry winds.

They're among thousands of firefighters working to clear paths for evacuees while putting out hot spots.

All of it is important work that is saving lives.

Dozens of fires are burning in California alone, with many popping near major cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

Add the pandemic on top of that chaos and it all seems unreal, but firefighters say they will continue helping people in need.

"That's what every first responder does is if people need help, you go and help them," said New Jersey Forest Service Firefighter Dave Achey.

The next group of firefighters with the New Jersey Forest Fire Service will leave Thursday morning to head out west